How Much Does A WG 10 Get Paid?

What is the difference between GS and WG pay scale?

GS, general schedule, is more white collar salaries jobs.

WG, wage grade, is more blue collar hourly jobs..

What is higher than a GS 15?

SES positions are considered to be above the GS-15 level of the General Schedule, and below Level III of the Executive Schedule. Career members of the SES ranks are eligible for the Presidential Rank Awards program.

How often do WG step increases occur?

Wage grade employees performing acceptably advance to the second step after six months, to the third after another 18 months and to the fourth and fifth after another two years each at their prior steps.

What is a GS 13 equivalent in the military?

For federal civilian employees, GS-13 is where pay grades begin to correspond to senior officers in the army or navy. That’s equivalent to a major in the army, or a commander in the navy.

How does WG step increases work?

Within-grade increases (WGIs), or step increases, are periodic increases in a General Schedule (GS) or Wage Grade (WG) employee’s rate of basic pay from one step of the grade of his or her position to the next higher step of that grade.

How do wage grade steps work?

Each grade has 10 step rates (steps 1-10) that are each worth approximately 3 percent of the employee’s salary. Within-grade step increases are based on an acceptable level of performance and longevity (waiting periods of 1 year at steps 1-3, 2 years at steps 4-6, and 3 years at steps 7-9).

Are GS employees salary or hourly?

Starting salary for a GS-1 employee is $19,048.00 per year at Step 1, with a maximum possible base pay of $23,827.00 per year at Step 10. The hourly base pay of a Step 1 GS-1 employee is $9.13 per hour1.

How can I get government job in USA?

How to Apply for a Federal Job Through USAJOBSUSAJOBS requires users to have a account. … Sign into USAJOBS, create your profile, and upload your resume.Search for jobs that interest you.Review the job announcements to see if you qualify.Prepare your application in USAJOBS.More items…•

What is a WG 10 pay scale?

SALARY TABLE 2020-GS (BASE)GradeStep 1Step 10841310537039456275931610502466532111552047176411 more rows

How much does a wg8 make?

GS-8 Pay Scale – General Schedule 2018GS GradeStep 1Step 2GS-8$39,707$41,031

What does GS stand for in military?

General OfficerGeneral Officer. GS. General schedule (Government civilian employee pay grades) Page 4. Military and Army Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms cont’d.

How much does a gs8 make an hour?

Starting salary for a GS-8 employee is $41,310.00 per year at Step 1, with a maximum possible base pay of $53,703.00 per year at Step 10. The hourly base pay of a Step 1 GS-8 employee is $19.79 per hour1. The table on this page shows the base pay rates for a GS-8 employee.

What is a WS pay grade?

Wage grade (WG) is the term used to describe non-supervisory Federal Wage System (FWS) employees. Wage supervisors (WS) are supervisory FWS employees.

What is g7 pay grade?

GS-7 is the 7th paygrade in the General Schedule (GS) payscale, the payscale used to determine the salaries of most civilian government employees. … Starting salary for a GS-7 employee is $36,356.00 per year at Step 1, with a maximum possible base pay of $47,264.00 per year at Step 10.

What is a NH 03 pay grade?

Read and understand the information there before making an (informed) decision. 1 user thanked for this useful post. The NH-03 pay band goes up to a GS-13/Step 10, meaning that if you are in an NH-03 position, you will become a GS-13 equivalent non-competitively.