Question: What Are The 16 Career Clusters And Pathways?

What is an example of career cluster?

People who are highly organized and enjoy working with others often find business to be a suitable career area.

Examples of jobs in this career cluster include manager, accountant, administrative assistant, public relations director, account executive, or human resources manager..

How many pathways does the career cluster with the most have?

Careers with the same knowledge and skills are grouped in the same cluster. Each cluster may include hundreds of different careers. Each career cluster includes one or more of 81 career pathways.

What are the 13 career clusters?

Career ClustersAgriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.Architecture and Construction.Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications.Business, Management, and Administration.Education and Training.Finance.Government and Public Administration.Health Science.More items…

Is real estate a career cluster?

implemented by Department of Defense ASVAB Career Exploration Program (updated 2016)….Marketing Save Table (XLS/CSV)Sort by: Career PathwayCodeOccupationProfessional Sales41-2022.00Parts SalespersonsProfessional Sales41-9021.00Real Estate Brokers29 more rows•Aug 18, 2020

What are career clusters and career pathways?

You want to ask yourself, “Which cluster includes the occupations that match my interests?” For example, the Health Science Cluster includes five career pathways. Career Pathways are a series of courses that prepare you for an occupational field.

What are the 5 career pathways?

The five health science pathways are:Diagnostic Services.Therapeutic Services.Health Informatics.Support Services.Biotechnology Research & Development.

What does a career cluster mean?

A career cluster is group of careers that share common features. If you like one job in a cluster, you will probably find other jobs in that cluster that you will like as well. Here are examples of three different career clusters. Health — Workers in this cluster help people have healthy lives.

What are Florida 17 career clusters?

In Florida, CTE is made up of 17 career clusters: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources. Architecture & Construction. Arts, A/V Technology, & Communication.

What are the 6 career paths?

The careers pathways include:Arts & communication.Business, management, marketing and technology.Engineering, manufacturing and industrial technology.Health sciences.Human services.Natural resources and agri-science.

What is the career cluster for a doctor?

The health science career cluster is a career and technical education (CTE) pathway in which students learn about wellness, nutrition, medicine, injury, disease, technology, and hundreds of other subjects.

What is the purpose of career clusters?

Career Clusters provide students with a context for studying traditional academics and learning the skills specific to a career, and provide U.S. schools with a structure for organizing or restructuring curriculum offerings and focusing class make-up by a common theme such as interest.

Why are careers listed in a cluster?

Career Clusters contain occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. Students, parents, and educators can use Career Clusters to help focus education plans towards obtaining the necessary knowledge, competencies, and training for success in a particular career pathway.

How many careers are in a career cluster?

Choosing the best career path is an important decision that involves your skills, educational background and interests. Knowing the 16 career clusters can help you choose the most appropriate path, which can guide you from your education through retirement.

How many of the 16 national career clusters does CTE offer?

At the national level, CTE is made up of 16 career clusters, each with related career pathways. Every state uses those clusters to shape their own programs, but every state makes a few changes to meet the needs of their workforce. The 16 CTE career clusters in North Carolina are: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources.

How are the 16 career clusters in this chapter grouped?

How are the 16 career clusters in this chapter grouped? The 16 career clusters are grouped by common interests. Three skills that are needed by business people are problem solving ability, decision making skills, and computer skills.