Question: What Does It Mean To Have Crisp Hair?

What does it mean to be crisp?

1 : being thin, hard, and easily crumbled crisp potato chips.

2 : pleasantly firm and fresh crisp celery.

3 : being clear and brief a crisp reply.

4 : pleasantly cool and invigorating : brisk a crisp autumn day..

Is Crispy a real word?

adjective, crisp·i·er, crisp·i·est. (especially of food) brittle; crisp.

What does you look crispy mean?

It’s a very positive slang word meaning ‘cool, hot, awesome, amazing’ and good stuff like that. Urban Dictionary: Crisp.

What is a crisp day?

Crisp is defined as firm or brittle, or describes cool weather, or writing or talking in an abrupt but polite way. The layer of snow across the lawn after a snow storm is an example of a crisp layer of snow. A 50-degree fall day that is neither warm nor freezing is an example of a crisp day.

What does crisp mean in slang?

cool, awesome, hot, amazingCrisp means cool, awesome, hot, amazing.

What things are crisp?

crispFirm but easily broken or crumbled; brittle: crisp potato chips.Pleasingly firm and fresh: crisp carrot and celery sticks.a. Bracing; invigorating: crisp mountain air. … Conspicuously clean or new: a crisp dollar bill.Marked by clarity, conciseness, and briskness: a crisp reply.Having small curls, waves, or ripples.

What type of word is crisp?

adjective, crisp·er, crisp·est. (especially of food) hard but easily breakable; brittle: crisp toast.

What is crisp writing?

A crisp way of speaking, writing, or behaving is quick, confident, and effective: a crisp reply.

What does it mean if the air is crisp?

Many describe cold air as “crisp,” but what does that mean? When we say the weather is crisp, we mean it is clear, clean, and dry. … When the weather is cold, the air feels dry because of the lack of water vapor!