Quick Answer: What Is Classification Level?

What APS level is a graduate?

In recent years graduate programs have raised their initial entry classifications, with many graduates entering at the APS 3 level and being placed at the end of their training period in APS 4 or 5 roles..

What is work level?

Job levels are categories of authority in an organization. Each level is typically associated with a salary range and a series of job titles. Jobs levels can be grouped into five areas: executive management, middle management, management, advisors and employees. The following is a common structure for job levels.

What is an aps3?

APS 3 employees undertake specialist, procedural, clerical, administrative support or operational tasks including some basic research and analysis activities.

What are the four types of compensation?

The Four Major Types of Direct Compensation: Hourly, Salary, Commission, Bonuses. When asking about compensation, most people want to know about direct compensation, particularly base pay and variable pay. The four major types of direct compensation are hourly wages, salary, commission and bonuses.

What are the different types of job classification system?

There are many different types of job evaluation systems to choose from. The most common are job ranking, factor comparison, point evaluation and job comparison methods.

What is aps4 level?

APS 4 employees provide specialist and administrative support that is informed and directed by sound knowledge in specific areas and may undertake some research and analysis activities.

What is the APS 4 salary range?

Australian Public Service Act employment salary ranges by classification level 2018-19Minimum SalaryMaximum SalaryAPS 4$67,100$73,256APS 3$59,237$65,270APS 2$52,004$59,0658APS 1$45,952$51,5839 more rows

How much does an el2 earn?

2.1 Base SalaryClass.EmployeesAverage2012 n2013 nEL213146135236SES 12022181571SES257923347911 more rows

What does el1 stand for?

Extensible Language OneEL1AcronymDefinitionEL1Extensible Language One

What is an el1 salary?

A$115,000/yr. Department of Immigration Assistant Director EL1 salaries – 1 salaries reported.

What are the 3 types of employment status?

There are three types of employment status: employee, worker and self-employed. The three are often not in practice used correctly and the difference is not always known.

What is APS classification?

The classification of jobs and employees in the APS is based on the work value of the duties being performed. The Classification Rules list all approved classifications in the APS, including training classifications. … More information on APS Classifications can be found in the APS Classification Guide.

What is an APS Level 6?

Overview. An APS Level 6 employee would generally be required to undertake work that is complex in nature, work under limited direction with the opportunity for reasonable autonomy and accountability.