Quick Answer: When A Sailor Accepts A Split Tour He Must Complete What Total Number Of Months?

When passing honors between ships What total number of signal blasts ends the salute?

At two blasts, persons saluting bring their hands back to their sides but remain at attention until three blasts are sounded.

For boats passing honors, flag officers, unit commanders, or commanding officers in uniform embarked in boats are saluted by all persons on the quarterdeck..

How long is minimum service in the Navy?

The Navy will offer a two-year active duty enlistment, but they couple it with a two or four-year active (drilling) Navy Reserve commitment. The minimum active duty enlistment periods offered by the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps are four years.

What is the difference between LDO and CWO?

LDO = Technical Manager. CWO = Technical expert. LDO uses enlisted experience to oversee a task/service needed to be done in the Navy. CWO typically uses his expertise to complete a very specific specialized task in the Navy that few else can do.

What total number of years must you remain on active duty after selection to LDO?

4 yearsActive Duty selectees must agree to remain on active duty for a total of 4 years from the date of acceptance of appointment and may be required to transfer from current duty location. Selectees under the inactive duty program must continue serving in the Ready Reserve until the appointment is tendered.

When rendering a salute your forearm should be at what prescribed angle?

45-degree angleThe hand and wrist must be held in a straight line and the forearm should be at a 45-degree angle. Returning the arm to its normal position at your side completes the salute.

What person at your command has mandatory membership on the CAT team?

The following sidelines apply to the CAT: Mandatory membership includes the executive officer (XO), at least one depart- ment head, and the command master chief (CM/C) (or equivalent). When a command has a command career counselor and/or personnel officer and/or legal officer, they should be members.

Where is the Union Jack flown in port?

Starting with morning colors on June 4, the Navy will return to flying the “Union Jack,” a small blue flag emblazoned with the stars of the 50 states — identical to the top left corner of the national ensign — from their jackstaffs, small flagpoles mounted on the bows of all Navy vessels when in port or at anchor.

What trait grade must be substantiated in the comments block?

The performance trait grade of 3.0 represents performance to full Navy standards. Higher grades are reserved for performance, which significantly exceeds standards. All 1.0 grades must be substantiated in the comments, as well as general comments on the remainder of the evaluative blocks.

What is the minimum service time for Navy?

four yearsEnlisted positions typically require an initial service commitment of four years, but positions involving longer-term training may involve five- or six-year obligations.

When your ship passes the USS Arizona Memorial What honor should be rendered?

A ship passing the USS Arizona Memorial renders honors by sounding, “Attention,” and all hands topside render a hand salute until the ship has passed the memorial and “Carry on” is sounded.

What specific number of months is the standard prescribed length for embassy attache duty?

12-15 monthsService Members applying for Attaché must be 12-15 months from their PRD. Since the selection process can take a couple of months, this will ensure that the Sailor does not fall into “Needs of the Navy” if they are not selected.

What command tells you to smartly?

These are commands that can be given either at a halt or during marching. At the command of RIGHT (LEFT) everyone except those on the right (left) flank turn their heads smartly 45 degrees in the direction of the command (right or left). The command of Ready, FRONT is used to return your head and eyes forward.

When a sailor completes the entire area tour to projected rotation date in Japan Guam or Korea what choice guarantee is he given for his next duty station?

108. When a sailor completes the entire area tour to projected rotation date in Japan, Guam, or Korea, what incentive is given for his next duty station? The choice of coast guarantee.

HOW LONG IS embassy attache duty?

How an attaché serves the last three years of their commitment depends on the DAO. DAS has locations with one, two, and three-year tours. Most will serve a three-year tour at one location, but others that serve in a one-year location may PCS to a two-year location as a follow on assignment (and vice-versa).

What is the maximum percentage of must promote recommendations for e4 and below?

CardsTerm Which trait mark recommendation says the member is far more than promotion ready in this trait right now?Definition Advanced Performance – 4.0Term What is the maximum combined percent of summary group for early promote and must promote for E-7 to E-9?Definition 50%146 more rows•Jun 28, 2011