Quick Answer: Which Is The Smallest District In Assam?

How many circles are there in Assam?

Know my Circle OfficeLIST OF REVENUE CIRCLESSl NoDistrictName of Revenue Circles65Kamrup (M)Guwahati Rev.

Circle66Kamrup (R)North Guwahati Rev.

Circle67Kamrup (R)Chaygaon Rev.

Circle119 more rows•Sep 28, 2020.

How many hill district are there in Assam?

twoDima Hasao district is one of the two Autonomous hill districts of the state of Assam. The district headquarter Haflong is the only hill station in Assam, a tourist paradise, also named the Switzerland of the north-east.

Which place is known as Manchester of Assam?

SualkuchiSualkuchi is endearingly referred to as the Manchester of the East. Situated on the northern banks of the Brahmaputra, it is famous for its centuries-old heritage of weaving.

Who is the Rajyapal of Assam?

His Excellency, Professor Jagdish Mukhi is the incumbent Governor of Assam appointed by the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind. He was administered the oath of office by Gauhati High Court Chief Justice Ajit Singh at a function in the Srimanta Sankardeva International Convention Centre on the 10th of October 2017.

Is bajali a district of Assam?

On 8 August 2020 The Assam cabinet today approved a proposal to make Bajali the 34th full-fledged district of Assam. Bajali is currently a Civil subdivision under the Barpeta district.

How many sub divisions are there in Assam 2020?

Assam has 155 Tehsils, and a few fall under multiple districts, specially the districts in BTC and its surrounding.In present the total number of subdivisions are 78.

Which state has highest district?

Uttar PradeshThe larger states predicatbly have a higher number of districts, with Uttar Pradesh (75) leading the count, followed by Madhya Pradesh (52), while the smallest state, Goa (2), has the lowest number.

Which is the poorest village in India?

Alirajpur district in Madhya Pradesh is the poorest in the country where 76.5 per cent of people are poor.

Which is the richest city in Haryana?

Per Capita Income is the most widely used measure of relative regional economic development. The latest available district level data reveals that among the 20 districts, three richest districts were Gurgoan (Rs. 155855), Panipat (Rs. 50230) and Faridabad (Rs.

Which is the last biggest country in the world?

The top ten largest countries, in square kilometers.1.Russia17,098,2422.Canada9,984,6703.United States9,826,6754.China9,596,9615.Brazil8,514,8775 more rows

Which is the richest district in Assam?

KamrupThe district-wise collection of revenue shows that Kamrup again topped the list with the highest contribution – Rs 97.47 crore – in 2010-11, implying that the district where the city is located guzzled the highest amount of IMFL in the past financial year.

How many blocks are there in Assam 2020?

11 BlocksNagaon a district of Assam is having about 11 Blocks in its District. The majority of the newly constituted districts are sub-divisions of the earlier districts. Assam Government schemes list 2020 and latest updates and news about new and upcoming social welfare schemes of Assam Government in 2020.

Is Delhi richer than Mumbai?

Mumbai is the 12th richest city in the world with a total wealth of $960 billion, according to a report by New World Health. … Delhi is on 22nd position and second Indian city after Mumbai on the wealth intelligence firm’s ‘The Wealthiest Cities Worldwide in 2019’ list.

Which is the smallest district?

Mahé districtMahé district (also spelled Mahe District, French: District de Mahé) is one of the four districts of the Union Territory of Puducherry in India. It consists of the whole of the Mahé region. Mahé is the smallest district of India by size.

Which is the largest village in Assam?

Sualkuchi শুৱালকুছি SoalkuchiSualkuchiSualkuchi শুৱালকুছি SoalkuchiCoordinates:26.17°N 91.57°ECoordinates:26.17°N 91.57°ECountryIndiaStateAssamDistrictKamrup12 more rows

Which is the richest district in India?

Top 10 Richest Cities In IndiaMumbai- City Of Dreams. Image Source. … Delhi- Multicultural Hub Of India. Image Source. … Kolkata- Talent Hub Of India. Image Source. … Bengaluru- Silicon Valley Of India. Image Source. … Chennai- Detroit Of South Asia. Image Source. … Hyderabad- City Of Pearls. Image Source. … Pune- Oxford Of The East. … Ahmedabad- Textile Hub Of India.More items…•

Which is the largest district?

KachchhList of Largest Districts of India by Territorial Area.2011 CensusRankDistrictPopulation1Kachchh20923712Leh1334873Jaisalmer6699197 more rows

Which is the cleanest city in the India?

IndoreIndore has topped the ranking in the cleanest city category (having more than one lakh population), and is followed by Surat, Navi Mumbai. Vijaywada and Ahmedabad in that order.

Which is the safest city in India?

Top 11 safest cities in India for working women1) MUMBAI. Mumbai has consistently been ranked as one of the safest cities in India. … 2) BANGALORE. Bangalore is also known as ‘Silicon Valley of India’. … 3) PUNE. … 4) CHANDIGARH. … 5) AHMEDABAD. … 6) INDORE.

Which is the largest district of Assam in terms of area?

Karbi AnglongKarbi Anglong is the largest district of Assam with nearly 10,434 square kilometers of undivided area followed by Sonitpur with an area of 5324 square kilometers.

What is the new district of Assam?

Official declaration on August 15. Bajali, the civil subdivision of Barpeta district has become the 34th, district of Assam. Bajali is located at around 103 km west of Guwahati.