Quick Answer: Who Has The Best Handles In The World?

Who is the best ball handler?

Pete Maravich.Isiah Thomas.

Isiah Thomas is arguably the most underrated point guard in the history of the game, being a top-notch playmaker and a lockdown defender that could put a lot of points on the scoreboard as well.

Steve Nash.Chris Paul.

Tim Hardaway.Stephen Curry.Jason Williams.Jamal Crawford.More items…•.

Who is better Steph or Kyrie?

Steph is a better shooting point guard while Kyrie is a better driving point guard. Both have different ways of scoring which also creates a barrier between their overall playing styles. Steph prefers to be the catch and shoot (although he can make his own shots with tight handles).

Who is the best dribbler in NBA history?

#1 Allen Iverson The other occurred a couple years later when Iverson, a rookie at the time, shook MJ with the sickest crossover in NBA history.

Who is the best dribbler of all time?

This article will list the top 50 best dribblers of all time:Lionel Messi. Finally, here is the best dribbler of all time.Diego Maradona. Maradona was a playmaker who normally played in a free role as an attacking midfielder or as a second striker. … Garrincha. … Pele. … Ronaldinho. … Pierre Littbarski. … George Best. … Zinedine Zidane. … More items…•

Who is the best ankle breaker in NBA history?

IversonIverson crosses up Jordan—twice It is has been 18 years since Iverson unleashed perhaps the most iconic ankle-breaker of all-time on Michael Jordan. When MJ is on a list he is usually on the opposite end of things, but on March 12, 1996, the game of basketball shifted into a new era.

Who has the best handles in NBA 2k20?

NBA 2K20: All of the players with the best handles in MyTeamKyrie. Irving, Free Agents 1 (86 OVR)Jamal. Crawford, Triple Threat Rewards (94 OVR)Kyrie. Irving, Nets Moments (94 OVR)’00 Jason. Williams, Triple Threat Rewards (93 OVR)’82 Isiah. Thomas, Pink Diamonds Rewards 1 (96 OVR)

Who has better handles Kyrie or Iverson?

1 on 1 Game – Allen Iverson Allen Iverson has the second-best handles ever, trailing just Kyrie Irving for that purpose. Also, Kyrie is a better scorer from downtown, but Iverson is a much better defender, a tougher competitor, and has way more moves (Crazy as it may seem).

Who is the best 3 point shooter?

Stephen Curry. He was the first unanimous MVP ever. (Ray Allen. Allen won 2 rings with 2 different teams. ( … Kyle Korver. Korver has played for 8 teams. ( … Klay Thompson. He once scored 37 points in one quarter. ( … Reggie Miller. He could never win a ring. ( … Peja Stojakovic. … Larry Bird. … Steve Kerr. … More items…•

Who is considered the best NBA player of all time?

Bill RussellBill Russell The greatest winner in basketball history, Russell claimed 11 titles in 13 years by turning the Celtics into a defensive juggernaut.

How did Kyrie get his handles?

He would tie a ball up inside a plastic bag and then practice his dribbling with the implement. Kyrie Irving might have the best handles in NBA history. … Irving says he got the idea from watching a Baron Davis documentary in which he saw the two-time NBA All-Star use the trick to train his ball-handling.

Who has the best crossover?

10 Best Crossover SUVs for 2020: Reviews, Photos, and MoreKia Sorento.Volvo XC60.Kia Sportage.Buick Encore.Ford Escape.Nissan Rogue.Hyundai Tucson.Toyota Rav4.More items…•

Who has the best handles of all time?

It’s an important quality that often makes him the best choice as a point guard.#8 Tim Hardaway.#7 Jamal Crawford.#6 Pete Maravich.#5 Isiah Thomas.#4 Stephen Curry.#3 Derrick Rose.#2 Allen Iverson.#1 Kyrie Irving.