What Are The Characteristics Of Public Administration?

What are the major characteristics of public administration?

Excellent public administrators share these 10 common characteristics:Commitment to the Mission.

Excitement trickles down from leadership to the employees on the ground.

Strategic Vision.

Conceptual Skill.

Attention to Detail.


Grow Talent.

Hiring Savvy.

Balance Emotions.More items….

What is public administration and why is it important?

Public administration helps to address issues. This includes sustenance of economic growth, promotion of social development and facilitating infrastructure development. They also protect the environment to maintain and public-private partnerships among other technologically advanced nations of the World.

What are the three elements of administration?

According to Gulick, the elements are:Planning.Organizing.Staffing.Directing.Co-ordinating.Reporting.Budgeting.

What are the 14 principles of public administration?

The 14 Management Principles from Henri Fayol (1841-1925) are:Division of Work. … Authority. … Discipline. … Unity of Command. … Unity of Direction. … Subordination of individual interest (to the general interest). … Remuneration. … Centralization (or Decentralization).More items…

What are the types of public administration?

Types of Public Administration Theory The three branches are, Classical Public Administration Theory, New Public Management Theory and Postmodern Public Administration Theory. Each of these three branches study Public Administration from a different perspective.

What are examples of public administration?

As a public administrator, you could pursue a career in government or nonprofit work in areas related to the following interests or departments:Transportation.Community and economic development.Public health/social services.Education/higher education.Parks and recreation.Housing.Law enforcement and public safety.More items…

What are the five principles of administration?

13. Principles of Administration • For any administration–business, government, educational institutions–to function properly, the principles of management which include hierarchy, control, unity of command, delegation of authority, specialization, objectives, centralization and decentralization must be adhered to.

What is the process of administration?

Going into administration is when a company becomes insolvent and is put under the management of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. The directors and the secured lenders can appoint administrators through a court process in order to protect the company and their position as much as possible.

What are the major concerns of public administration?

The goals of the field of public administration are related to the democratic values of improving equality, justice, security, efficiency and effectiveness of public services in a non-profit venue; business administration, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with expanding market share, generating revenue and …

What are the functions of administration?

Basic Functions of Administration: Planning, Organizing, Directing and ControllingPlanning.Organization.Direction.Control.

What are the functions of public administration PDF?

According to Gerald Caiden public administration has assumed the following crucial roles in contemporary modern society: • Preservation of polity; • Maintenance of stability and order; • Institutionalization of Socio-Economic changes; • Management of large scale commercial services; • Ensuring growth and economic …

What is the important of public administration?

The importance of public administration as a Governmental Instrument. Government’s most important function is to rule, i.e. to maintain peace and order as well as protect the lives and property of its citizens. … This important function of Government is expedited through the instrument of public administration.